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 The Rules of the forum

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The Rules of the forum Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of the forum   The Rules of the forum I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 7:43 pm

1) Use your head.
Do your best to type full sentences and words properly, don't spam, keep your cool.

2) Don't be a kill joy.
Spamming, trolling, and all other sorts of disruptive internet mischief will NOT be tolerated. Be friendly, make the community fun.

3) Respect the staff.
You can disagree with us, but if its not the end of the world please respect our decisions. If you have an actual issue please pm that staff member, and or admin.

---3.5) IMPORTANT!!! If you ever see anything that is against the rules or that might need authoritative action, go right ahead and PM a mod/admin a link to topic where the problems are!

4) Artwork and Critique.
Please respect others work and give polite critique, always.

5) Theft
Stealing others' work will not be tolerated and lead to an immediate ban.
Do not use others work without their express permission. If for what ever you reason you are caught lying that you had permission to use something, you will be severally warned, but more likely banned.

Do not post the work of others, if they have something they like to show they can register themselves; this will give you a moderate warn.

6) In the Spritework forum...
- Please do not randomly request, earn the help of others by helping onto others.
- Sprites are artwork, all (4) rules apply.
- If you have problems giving criticism or taking it, learn how to, that's the world.
- Do not do a simple recolor or edit and expect significant attention. Personal sprites are an exception to this rule, but it is likely you'll be asked many times to change.

7) Don't be Sonic Heroes.
Do not use excessive swears or any racial remarks, or say incredibly stupid things that will make our ears bleed.

8 ) Common Forum Rules.
Don't bump old topics unless relevant, don't double post unless it is your own topic and/or an significant update. Put significant thought into your posts, no one word posts, contribute.

9) Software/Music Pirating.
Pirating is not tolerated, and will result in an immediate ban. NO LINKS TO ROMS.

10) Content
Do not post anything that is not work safe, blood is fine but gross imaginary will not be tolerated. Nudity-involving artwork is to be kept tasteful, think of the children.

11) Do a barrel roll.
If you lose your cool and you feel a need to outburst, do a barrel roll. Erase everything in that (your) post and leave the forums for an hour or so. If someone is attacking or bugging you, sometimes you'll find the community is on your side, and will do the posting for you.

12) Common Sense
Apply real world values.

?) Eat your vegetables. Make you grow big and strong. Row Row Fight the Power!
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The Rules of the forum
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